Fireworks at Patra's Carnival 2017
28 - 02 - 2017

A spectacular fireworks show for Patra's end Carnival 2017. Photographer: Orestis Zoumpos

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Fireworks at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
24 - 02 - 2017

Thousand fireworks in rainbow colors framed the delivery ceremony of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center to the Greek society.

Photographer: Johnny Panopoulos

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New Year's Eve fireworks in Athens and Thessaloniki
02 - 01 - 2017

Breathtaking fireworks lit up the night skies in Athens and Thessaloniki for New Year's Eve. Pavlos and Filippos Nanos designed the firework displays to welcome at the stroke of midnight 2017!

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First place in the International Fireworks Competition 2016
09 - 12 - 2016

Nanos Fireworks Greece won the first place in the International fireworks competition of 2016 which took place in Cincinnati USA.

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Fireworks Armata Spetses 2016
10 - 09 - 2016

Nanos Fireworks designed a spectacular fireworks display synchronized with music for Armata Spetses 2016. New original designs highlighted the greatest historical celebration of Spetses.

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Fireworks at Mykonos Antonis Remos
30 - 07 - 2016

Fireworks and special effects for Antonis Remos concert on Mykonos.

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27 - 06 - 2016

A stunning fireworks display choreographed to music framed representation of burning the Turkish flagship. 

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Fireworks at Posidonia 2016
13 - 06 - 2016

Fireworks, CO2 Jets, flames, fountains, low fog, sea fireworks framed Posidonia 2016.

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Fireworks Easter at Corfu island
01 - 05 - 2016

Another year of Resurrection celebrated on Corfu with thousands of colorful fireworks having as background the imposing Castle.

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Fireworks and pyrotechnics in Tomorrowland Brasil 2016
21 - 04 - 2016
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Fireworks & SFX at Madwalk 2016
18 - 04 - 2016

Fireworks and SFX for Madwalk 2016. The largest fashion music project in Greece was perfomed succesfully by MAD. Indoor pyro such as waterfall, pyro stage, bengals, co2 jets, flames, low fog and other framed the artists and models.

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01 - 04 - 2016

Special effects were designed by Pavlos Nanos for Maria Cristina Tiberio in Lollapalooza Sao Paulo Brasil 12-13 March 2016. The line up included top performers like Eminem, Mumford & Sons, Kaskade, Florence + the Machine and others. Numerous special effects were used that fully impressed the visitors.

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Fireworks Athens New Year's Eve 2016
01 - 01 - 2016

We welcome 2016 with big caliber fireworks in Athens Greece with background Acropolis. New shapes and designs were lighten up Greek sky at New Year's Eve. May 2016 be full of fireworks moments, Happy New Year!

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Fireworks and special effects for BLEND's 10th Bday
26 - 09 - 2015

Fireworks and special effects for BLEND's 10th birthday in Gazi Music Hall. Confetti, streamers, co2 jets, flames and stage pyrotechnics used for their birthday party with the top headlines such as Sven Vath, Nina Kraviz, Mikee and Manolaco.

Photoshooting by: Blend Techniques

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Fireworks Armata Spetses 2015
12 - 09 - 2015

A stunning pyromusical fireworks display for the historical Armata in Spetses island 2015 designed by Pavlos Nanos. Thousand visitors and residents of the island enjoyed the spectacular combination of music and fireworks.

Photoshooting by: Johnny Panopoulos

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First place in the International Fireworks Competition 2015
31 - 08 - 2015

Nanos Fireworks Greece won the first place in the International fireworks competition of 2015 which took place in Knokke Heist Belgium.

Pavlos and Filippos Nanos presented a 20 minute pyromusical choreography which impressed the jury and 20.000 spectators.The theme of the show was "Time" and a lot of fireworks were shaped as time symbols such as latin numbers and clocks. The soundtrack songs had time theme like Only time Enya, Clocks Coldplay, Seven seconds Youssou N' Dour and others.

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Fireworks Santorini Volcano 2015
27 - 08 - 2015

Fireworks and special effects were presented for the representation of the volcano explosion in Santorini. Large caliber fireworks, virtual explosions and simulation of lava were some of the fireworks that thousand visitors and residents of the island enjoyed. 

Fireworks and pyrotechnics in MAD VMA 2015
01 - 07 - 2015

Fireworks and pyrotechnics framed the MAD Video Music Awards 2015 at Tae Kwo Do Stadium. Confetti, low fog, flames, CO2, stage pyrotechnics and other effects were used for the largest music festival of the summer.

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Fireworks and special effects Robbie Williams
23 - 06 - 2015

Fireworks, stage pyrotechnics, confetti, streamers and CO2 covered the thousand people attending the unique concert of Robbie Williams at Rockwave Festival in Malakasa. 

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Fireworks and special effects at Redbull X-Fighters Athens
15 - 06 - 2015

Fireworks and special effects at Redbull X-Fighters that was landed for the first time in Greece. The marble track in Penteli inspired the top 12 FMX riders. Confetti, streamers and CO2 Jets were used at the winners' stand.

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Fireworks and special effects Black Keys
11 - 06 - 2015

Fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects closed the amazing concert of Black Keys in malakasa Greece. Confetti, Streamers, co2 and other projected effects covered the 30000 people attending rockwave festival in Athens.

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Fireworks and pyrotechnics in Tomorrowland Brasil 2015
06 - 05 - 2015

The fireworks and effects were designed by Pavlos Nanos for Pyro4 for Tomorrowland Sao Paulo Brasil 1-2-3 May 2015. The line up included top djs like David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Steve Angelo and others. Over 5000 pyrotechnic ques where used for the pyrotechnic choreography amongst numerous special effects. Even under difficult conditions all the shows were succesful and fully impressed the 65.000 visitors.

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Fireworks in Corfu Greece for Easter
13 - 04 - 2015

A large fireworks display illuminated the sky of Corfu in Easter. This special pyrotechnic show was designed and realized by Nanos Fireworks Greece. Corfu is the number one destination for Easter in Greece and in the central square thousand of spectators watched the largest fireworks show in the country.

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Fireworks and Special Effects Eurovision 2015
10 - 03 - 2015

Fireworks, dry ice, confetti and other special effects in the live contest of Eurovision Greece was performed by Nanos Fireworks. The contestants Maria-Elena Kiriakou, Shaya, Barrice, Thomai Apergis, C:REAL were glorified by the audience. Winner of the contest was Maria-Elena Kiriakou. The fireworks and special effects were designed by Pavlos Nanos.

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Fireworks and Special Effects Hardwell Greece
03 - 03 - 2015

Fireworks, indoor pyrotechnics, flames, CO2 Jets and confetti filled the concert hall of the top Dj Hardwell who performed in Athens Greece. Thousands of fans gathered to attend the great show. Special effects, mines, comets, flames, MagicFX CO2 Jets, confetti and streamers where produced and operated by SFX specialist Filippos Nanos of the TommorrowLand Pyro4 team.

Photoshooting by: Petros Poulopoulos

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New colored indoor airburst in Greece!
17 - 02 - 2015

For the first time in Greece Nanos Fireworks brings indoor color airburst simulating aerial fireworks inside venues like stadiums, concert halls and conference centers.

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Fireworks at Acropolis Athens 2015
01 - 01 - 2015

Fireworks lighten up Athens, over Acropolis for the celebrations of New Year's Eve. After the speech of the Major at the beautiful Thiseio, we welcome 2015 with the largest fireworks despite the bad weather conditions. Happy New Year to everyone!

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Fireworks and special effects Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
22 - 12 - 2014

Paul Nanos designed for Pyro4 fireworks and effects for Dimtiri Vegas and Like Mike's show at Sportpaleis stadium in Belgium. More than 1000 indoor fireworks and one tone of co2 were used at the concert. 7 special pyrotechnicians were working for 6 days for the installation and preparation.

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Fireworks at Hannover Herrenhausen Gardens
20 - 09 - 2014

Paul Nanos designed a pyromusical firework display with background of the baroque Herrenhausen Gardens in Hannover Germany. In this magic atmpsphere he lightened the night sky with impressive fireworks under the sounds of progressive-alternative rock and house electronic music. Watch the video here.

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Fireworks at Armata Spetses Island
13 - 09 - 2014

Paul Nanos designed a pyromusical firework display for the historic event of Spetses' island. After the historic narration, the simulacrum turkish boat was exploded and the finale was splendid with the mixture of fireworks and music.

Fireworks and Special Effects in Tomorrowland
04 - 08 - 2014

2 weekends of amazing firework shows in the biggest music festival in the world, Tomorrowland took place in Boom Belgium. Pavlos Nanos as a designer and Phillipos Nanos together with an international crew of 24 pyrotechnicians under the managment of Paul Philipsen realized outstanding pyro choreographies for David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin Van Burren, Avicii, Alesso, Dimi Vegas and Like Mike and more.

First Prize at the World Fireworks Competition 2014
19 - 06 - 2014

Paul Nanos and his team won the first place for Greece in the World Fireworks Competition 2014 that took place in Brno in the Czech Republic. 

Paul Nanos designed a choreographed fireworks performance based on the social crisis issue and the impressive show moved 150,000 spectators. The award was given to the greek winning team on June 19, at a special ceremony in the Town Hall of Brno, where the national anthem of Greece was also heard. Watch the video here.

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Fireworks at the opening of Pomegranate wellness spa hotel
08 - 05 - 2014

A modern choreographed fireworks show and special effects designed by Nanos Fireworks for the opening of the shiny Pomegranate wellness spa hotel. 

The famous Russian singer Kirkorov appeared on a flaming floor and a silver explosion accompanied the appearance of Antonis Remos.

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Fireworks at Olympiacos' Fiesta
13 - 04 - 2014

Fireworks, confetti, stage pyrotechnic effects and gerbs for the legendary fiesta of Olympiacos team and the 41st Championship.

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Fireworks Ace of Hearts Sakis Rouvas
26 - 04 - 2014

Fireworks and special effects at the Ace of Hearts. Flames, low fog, heart confetti and an impressive flaming heart as background for Sakis Rouvas performance.

Fireworks at Corfu island
20 - 04 - 2014

Another year of Resurrection celebrated on Corfu with thousands of colorful fireworks having as background the imposing Castle.

Special effects The Voice of Greece
29 - 03 - 2014

The opening of The Voice begun with stage flames and cryogenics effects. Spectacular flame balls and 'waterfalls' of Co2 Jets as background for contestants' performances.

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Special effects Eurosong 2014
12 - 03 - 2014

Low fog and air effect for the performances of the four finalists for Eurovision 2014. Winners are Freaky Fortune ft RiskyKidd with the song Rise up who celebrated their victory among thousand confetti glitter. GOOD LUCK! 

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Special effects at Dancing with the Stars 4
03 - 02 - 2014

The winner of Dancing with the Stars 4 was announced in backdrop of cryogenics and streamers in white-silver color. The singer Isais Matiampa and Maria raised the cup in the middle of millions confetti! 

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Fireworks Athens New Year's Eve
01 - 01 - 2014

With backdrop of the Acropolis and huge aerial fireworks we greeted 2014 in Athens. A spectacular night for the arrival of the new year with fireworks culminating in various designs and colors! Wish you a happy new year! 

Fireworks and Special Effects TomorrowWorld Atlanta
14 - 10 - 2013

Pavlos Nanos designed the fireworks and special effects show of the biggest Dj Festival TommorowWorld 2013 in Atlanta. Some of the Djs that we worked for were David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Axwell, Afrojack, Aoki, Hardwell and more.. 

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