Fireworks show for the opening of AEK Athen’s FC Opap Arena Stadium

It was a spectacular, multidimensional, grand opening! The scenography combined with music, the magnificent lighting design and the video mapping sparked a continuous electric charge in the new stadium rousing the 32000 fans and TV viewers. Some very special highlights were the memorial choreography, the Pontiac victory “Pyrrhic Dance”, the luminous 5-meter figure that scored the first goal and the stormy fireworks that lightened the sky over Attica.

High talented people and teams worked for months to deliver this dazzling and imposing ceremony. Our expert production team, the talented director, choreographer, director of photography, music composer, presenters and all our crews coordinated the 700+ people that performed in a technically perfect 3-hour event flow.

We are honored and proud to be trusted by AEK FC to work together and contribute to another great milestone in team’s history.