Discover the beauty of aerial fireworks in Greece and check out our collection.

Color, rhythm, intensity and originality are the characteristics of pyrotechnical displays, in the direction of which Nanos Fireworks Greece is an expert. Each display is seen from a technical and an artistic point of view. Spectacular images and dynamic movements are created [in the sky] thanks to the use of high quality and precise materials from all over the world.

Nanos Fireworks has the expertise and the experience to realize a firework show specially designed for TV. Our company uses specific colors, combinations and special materials in order the show will ascribe 100% on the screen. We have the “know-how” and the technical background to make video recording, placing the cameras on the right distance angle, frame and settings. Therefore, you will see the correct effect on the correct time on real scale and range in order to ascribe the correct image, idea or motion. Nanos Fireworks uses Pyrodigital Firing System the most reliable and accurate computerized firing systems in the global market and is programmed through Showdirector software.

We love to display fireworks from barges floating on the sea, where the fireworks reflect on the surface creating a 3D spectacular scenery. On the sea there is no restriction of sizes or effects, the capabilities of design are endless. Every show is an opportunity to create something unique for you.

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  • Every show is a chance to create something special
  • Over 1200 designs from 9 countries
  • Liablitity Insurance Cover 10.000.000,00€
  • Publishing of all necessary licenses
  • Show design whatever your budget is

What peope are saying

"He did outstanding job with less time and difficult circumstances show was very beautiful!"

Hideki Iwami - Ejtou Japan

"Pavlos is an honest and sincere person and he is a great, original and unusual fireworks designer with a great future ahead of him.."


Alberto Navarro - President-Art Director, INFINITY VISIONS INC. USA

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for putting together such a spectacular display last Tuesday. The fireworks were and still are the talk of the town and they were perfectly arranged, thinking of the finale still gives me goose bumps!"


Alexi - Posidonia

"Thank you so much for making our day the best day of our lives. Our guests are still talking about it until today! We know how much effort you put in on the day to make our wishes come true and for that we are truly grateful – the fireworks could not have been better – from the main display to the sparklers. Particularly the bridge effect was something our photographers loved and there are some truly amazing pictures there."


David - Leyla

"Our guests still talking about it! It is not random that he has been internationally awarded."


Kostas - Aggeliki

"Pavlos designed for us something really unique without spending a lot. We totally recommend him!"


Giannis - Maria

"Under the co-ordination of Pavlos, Nanos Fireworks provided the pyrotechnics for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the ATHENS 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games. Against a tight budget, strict venue restrictions and tight timescales they produced a world class result - professional, creative, reliable and responsive. I can highly recommend them to any future event organiser."


Simon Gravelling - Production Executive | Opening & Closing Ceremonies at Special Olympics 2011

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