Prices of fireworks

Prices of fireworks


Prices of fireworks in Greece; which is the cost of the fireworks. The reply is not that simple, as there are many aspects to examine before answering that question.

First of all, we need to know the exact location of where the reception/event is taking place so we can choose the firing position according to safety standards. In some venues we can display the fireworks exactly in front of them (inland). In others we have to display the fireworks inside the sea by barge as there is not a lot of space inland or it is too dangerous due to surroundings. In some venues the audience may have over 150m distance from the firing position so we have to use only large size fireworks. Last in some venues we cannot display fireworks at all, due to safety reasons.

Second thing, how much important is for you to have a professional service in your wedding/event including all necessary paperwork from the authorities, experienced crew, cover of public liability insurance and professional Internationally awarded fireworks in your show. Organizing an event or a wedding can be stressful and you need professionalism, efficiency and reliance. As we are the leading fireworks company in Greece with experience over 100 years (4 generations) and technical know-how in International reputation events we can guarantee a safe and succesful show.

Last but not least, our aim is simple to provide you with a stunning fireworks show, one that will put a huge smile on yours and every guest at your wedding. We can offer you a jaw-dropping display as we renew the range of our fireworks every six months, enriching our shows with new designs. Exclusively in Greece you can design and plan your show to your specification of time, color and shapes. Every show we display is totally unique and no two shows are the same. We do not use consumer cakes in our shows but professional customized fireworks in order to be able to provide you a distinctive show.