Our company Nanos Fireworks represent the biggest manufacturer of professional special effects equipment, MagicFX. The most reliable equipment is designed and produced in Europe with the highest quality standards. Because of its major stock level we are able to deliver any quantity for low prices. We serve sale-rental-installation and conservation of the machines for night clubs, theatres, hotels, halls and venues.

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The famous MAGICFX CO2 Jets create cryogenic fog plumes of approximately 8m high. The effect is very reliable and repeatable because of its high quality and reliable valve. The CO2 Jets can be mounted in truss constructions or placed on stages. The CO2 Jets must be used with liquid CO2 tanks. When the CO2 comes out of the Jets there will be a loud sizzling sound which makes the effect even more spectacular! Tanks can be purchased or rented separately. The new CO2 Jets are equipped with a 230V IEC in-out connector to control them separately or linked in one line. Controllable by DMX if connected to a DMX switch pack.

Size :
13x8x13cm - pipe: 20.5cm - base plate: 20x 12.5 cm
Weight : 2.6 kg
Voltage : 230 V
Power: 20 W
Service: 230V on/off or DMX by using a switch pack
Consumption/ Capacity: CO2 gas (liquid with a dip-pipe)
Output: (depending on the humidity) approx. 8 m
MagicFX CO2 Gun
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The CO2 Gun is a handheld gun which can blast white cryogenic fog plumes. The CO2 Gun is a new innovative an spectacular eye catcher for DJ’s and dancers! The CO2 Gun must be connected to a CO2 cylinder (liquid CO2) by using a flexible high pressure CO2 hose.

MagicFX CO2 Dominator
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The new CO2 Dominator is the big brother of the popular MAGICFX® CO2 Jet. The Dominator is a DMX controllable 5-way CO2 machine which offers you endless possibilities in CO2 effects. The Dominator has DMX on board and is equipped with 2 red LED's on the backside to warn everyone on stage. With the new CO2 Dominator you can design and create CO2 effects which has never been shown before. For example; create a fan shape; create a star; create cryogenic fog plumes which dance on the music; connect lights to project coloured CO2... or create one massive CO2 TORNADO! The CO2 Dominator, for the most extreme CO2 effects you have ever seen!

MagicFX CO2 Pistols
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The new CO2 Pistol is similar to the CO2 Gun but more compact and can be controlled by 1 hand. It offers more possibilities for DJ's or Dancers to use two Pistols at the same time! The CO2 Pistol needs to be connected to a CO2 bottle with liquid CO2.

MAGICFX Power Shots
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The Power Shots are the most easy and professional confetti and streamer shot units available. The Power Shots are designed to fire prefilled single use electric cannons. The electric cannons contain a pressurized nitrogen cartridge for a powerful effect. The cannons are available in 40 and 80 cm’s, prefilled with confetti or streamers. Electric cannons save time, are available at a low price and are easy to use. Electric cannons launch confetti up to 12 meters and streamers up to 20 meters! The Power Shots are actuated by a 230V power source. This makes it possible to fire cannons easily by a 230V power switch, by remote control, by a foot switch or in combination with a switch pack by DMX.

MagicFX Flamaniac
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The MAGICFX® Flamaniac is a unique flame unit which produces coloured flames in 5 different directions up to 6m. The system doesn't need any gas or external pressure vessels. It is a plug and play system. The unit works with special flame liquid which is available in yellow, blue, green and red. With 1 can of 2.5L you can produce approx 300 flames. The Flamaniac is DMX controllable, designed for professional use and equipped with the best quality European components for 200% reliability. The Flamaniac uses 5 different valves and 1 ignitor. For safety reasons the Flamaniac is equipped with a DMX safety channel which needs to be opened between 40-60%. You can choose if you like to use only 1 DMX fire address or 5 different addresses. The Flamaniac comes complete including a remote controller to install the system.

MagicFX Shot Base DMX
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The new Shot Base DMX is the first professional DMX confetti shot system. The Shot Base is designed to fire prefilled electric confetti and/or streamer cannons. Imagine the endless possibillities!

MagicFX Shot Base Wireless
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The Shot Base Wireless is exactly the same like its dmx brother but equipped with a wireless receiver inside. Quick to install, no cables required. Remotes are not included but are available in 4 and 8 channels. 

MagicFX Mini Blower
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The Mini Blower is a compact confetti machine. With its' specially designed inside flexible hose and special wand attachments, it can vacuum and shoot out confetti continuously, to approximately 5-7m. 

MagicFX Swirl Fan XL
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The new MAGICFX Swirl Fan XL is the big brother of the standard Swirl Fan. The Swirl Fan XL has a larger capacity and is more powerful. It is designed to create a silent rain of confetti. The Swirl Fan XL can be mounted in a truss or roof beam and can be easily controlled by connecting the machine(s) to a dimmer or a dimmer pack and using a dmx controller. Its major advantage is that multiple machines can be controlled all together by one operator. The Swirl Fan XL can be filled up with 3kgs of paper confetti or 4kgs of metallic glitter confetti. When the Swirl Fan XL is controlled at full speed, the machine will fan out the confetti continuously for approximately 4 - 6 minutes. It’s also possible to fill the machine with paper snow confetti to create a low noise snow effect. Because it’s low noise fan, the machine is perfect for theatres and television and fashion shows.

MAGICFX Super Blaster
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MAGICFX Super Blasters, the world’s most powerful confetti blasters, are famous from many large events and sports games. The Super Blaster can be used in medium size venues like clubs, discotheques and stages. CO2 tanks are supplied separately!

MagicFX Stage Flame
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The new MAGICFX® Stage Flame is the flame system of today! The Stage Flame allows the user to use aerosol cannisters or propane gas from a gas bottle. With a 500g aerosol cannister you can produce 200 flames! The ouptput of standard Flames (with an aerosol can or propane gas) is approx. 4m. high. The Stage Flame also has a big-flame mode for flames up to 8m. The Stage Flame is DMX controllable, designed for professional use and equiped with only high quality European components for maximum safety. The on board DMX module uses two DMX addresses, one safety address and one fire address. The big-flame mode uses 3 DMX addresses to design creative shows with standard flames and big flames. The Stage Flame contains 2 red led's to warn the artist on stage. The Stage Flame is also equiped with an infrared sensor and a flame detection system for maximum safety!

MagicFX Stage Blower
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The Stage Blower is a high power radial fan which can be used for spreading fog from fog machines or as an extra power fan to enlarge the output of confetti, bubbles or snow effects. The solid housing of the Stage Blower is made of long lasting synthetic material. The Stage Blowers are equiped with a double wire guard for high safety. The Stage Blower has 3 different fan speeds. 

MagicFX Stage Fan XL
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The MAGICFX Stage Fans are powerful and reliable fans especially design to use on stage. The Stage Fans are stackable and the solid housing is made of long lasting synthetic material. The durable low noise motor has a low energy consumption. The Motor is equipped with an integrated thermal protection. The Stage Fans are equipped with a double wire-guard for high safety. Different blowing directions possible. Possible to control by a dimmer or DMX.

MagicFX Sky Tube Fan
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The MAGICFX Sky Tube Fan is a new powerful and reliable mobile fan for Sky Tubes and Sky Dancers. The solid housing is made of long lasting synthetic material. The durable low noise motor is waterproof and has a low energy consumption. The Motor is equipped with an integrated thermal protection. The Sky Tube Fan is equipped with a double wire-guard for high safety. Different blowing directions possible.

MagicFX Stage Led Propeller
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New Stage Propeller! Powerful wind machine or eye catcher if operated by a dimmer. DMX on board and built-in LED's.

MagicFX Power Drop
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The new MAGICFX® Power Drop is the new kabuki drop system of the future! It's a reliable and innovative 'plug and play' system to drop curtains, balloon nets or other things matching to your creativity. Each Power Drop has a powercon in-out connector to control them seperately or linked together in one line. As soon as the power is switched ON the system will drop. By using a switch pack the Power Drops can be controlled by DMX. A must have kabuki system for show professionals!

MagicFX Bubble Tornado
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The MAGICFX® Bubble Tornado is a new and much better version of the previous Bubble Monster. The Bubble Tornado is equipped with 4 high quality EBM fans. The air flow creates the perfect bubbles and it also allows you to project the bubbles in an angle of 90. The Bubble Tornado has dmx on board but can also be controlled manually.