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    At Nanos Fireworks, we undertake the professional organization of fireworks shows for Easter across Greece.

    The tradition of setting off fireworks on Easter night is one of the most time-honored customs, with origins that seem to be lost in time.

    Which Fireworks Are Suitable for Easter?

    During the celebration of the Resurrection, the fireworks we typically use create the most impressive spectacle without frightening or posing a threat to people and animals.

    As Easter fireworks, all types of outdoor fireworks can be considered. Some of the most popular Easter fireworks include rockets, Roman candles, and other aerial fireworks and special effects.

    Why Choose Us?

    Fireworks for Easter with Respect & Safety

    Our company, Nanos Fireworks, is one of the most established companies in designing fireworks shows and special effects worldwide.

    The selection of fireworks for the celebrations of the Resurrection and Easter is based on the choices of the client or event manager and in full consultation with our team of experts.

    No. 1 Fireworks Company

    The only company with four generations of experience and successes in international competitions.

    Safety & Reliability

    Our specialized team follows the strictest safety protocols and provides full liability insurance.

    Eco-Friendly Awareness

    The products we use are 100% eco-friendly and cause minimal disturbance to people and animals.

    Who We Serve

    Choose Nanos Fireworks to create a unique show for the celebration of Easter and the Resurrection.

    Our professional show design for Easter celebrations is primarily aimed at municipalities, regions, and tourist destinations, as well as companies and individuals who want to celebrate this glorious Christian holiday in an impressive and safe manner.

    Tourist Destinations
    Companies & Brands
    Charitable Organizations

    Can Fireworks Be Environmentally Friendly?

    Nanos Fireworks uses products that meet the increasingly stringent safety and environmental protection standards set by the EU. The new nitrocellulose-based technology replaces traditional fireworks by removing black powder, carbon, and substituting them with guncotton. This results in lower levels of smoke and carbon dioxide emissions, making these alternative products less harmful to the environment. Additionally, noise levels are reduced according to European directives, setting the maximum noise level at 120dB, equivalent to the noise level produced by natural phenomena like thunder.

    Some of Our Corresponding Shows!

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